2014 Westknits Summer Shawl KAL – Lumpy Space

Photos I took over the weekend of my Lumpy Space, which I said I would do last, but because my yarn for Vertices Unite hadn’t arrived yet, I decided to start this one, a week later it’s finished (haven’t taken photos yet) and Vertices Unite has been started.

140621-WIP-lumpy space-001

This knitting was so much fun, I just couldn’t put it down long enough to take photos along the way, it was just this past weekend, when it was basically all done, that I picked up my camera and took these photos, more to come for sure.

140621-WIP-lumpy space-002

Oh, I used the left over yarn from Smooth Moove except for the green which I used up to the end, and because I thought it needed a pop of colour, I dug around in my left over bags and took out the left over chartreuse and linen from last year’s Wesknit KAL Colour Craving which I used for Section 2 and the bind off. All yarns are Yarn Adventures handdyed by my friend Filomena.  The bag in the 2nd photos was a gift from my sister and her husband which immediately was put into use.


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