TEST KNIT – Beadish Cowl

My current test knit for Lee Meredith, a cowl.

140604-TK-WIP-beadish cowl-003

I’m using 100% Baby Alpaca (got this from a yarn club a couple of years ago) as the Contrast Colour140604-TK-WIP-beadish cowl-005

and Abuelita Yarn 3ply high twist in Antracite as the Main Colour140604-TK-WIP-beadish cowl-007

This won’t be the final look, I’ll be undoing the knit stitch columns between the “beads”.140610-TK-WIP-beadish cowl-001 140610-TK-WIP-beadish cowl-002So far it’s approximatley 1m long, and I think I’ll be adding another 30-50cm.



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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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