TEST KNIT – Lerro (Finished)

This test knit required a bit more of my time, that being the reason for having been absent from the blog for a while. But this and some other projects have been keeping me busy. Another test knit has also been completed in the meantime, but more on that in another post.


Lerro, one of Lee Meredith (Leethal on Ravelry) latest shawl designs. It looks complicated, and if you’re not used to her very well written patterns it might seem a bit daunting, but once you start knitting, it’s all pretty much straight forward.


So this design incorporates a lot of twisted stitches and slipped stitches for some great texture, which required a bit of attention (that’s not to say that there are some “design elements” in there somewhere).


The knitted cast on is what took the most time to complete as it took two nights and a whole knitting afternoon (and loads of encouragement from my friends) to complete. (in the picture below it was only about 1/2 way along).


Blocking was the easy part I only used 4 pins per diamond on the border and a couple more here and there to make the other diamonds in the shawl pop out more.

140601-FO-TK-Lerro-002 140601-FO-TK-Lerro-005 140601-FO-TK-Lerro-010 140601-FO-TK-Lerro-011 140601-FO-TK-Lerro-007


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One Response to TEST KNIT – Lerro (Finished)

  1. Cricket says:

    You are a test knitting hero.

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