Foolproof KAL – Pebble Splash

I’ve had this pattern, Foolproof by Louise Zass-Bangham, in my to do list for quite some time, and now that Louise decided to do a KAL, I thought it the perfect opportunity to finally get around to making it. I looked through my stash and decided on Super Biffle in the Pebble Splash colourway from, and I needed a solid colour to match. Looking through the stash I found Malabrigo Sock in the Cordovan colourway which matched perfectly.

140405-KAL-pebble splash-004 140405-KAL-pebble splash-006 140405-KAL-pebble splash-001

I’m using 4.5mm needles and getting a nice fabric. I’m planning on making some mitts with the left over yarn, depending on how much I have left over.

140409-KAL-pebble splash-001 140409-KAL-pebble splash-002


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