TEST KNIT – Haruni Plus – Finished

My Test Knit of the Haruni Plus shawl for Emily Ross is finished, and after blocking it in half (not enough space to block it as I usually do) I needed to take some photos, so here they are.

140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-001 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-003 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-007 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-008 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-009 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-012 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-013 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-016 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-017 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-018 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-019 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-020

I still need to take final measurements, this one is even bigger than my “Around the World in 80 Days Shawl“.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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One Response to TEST KNIT – Haruni Plus – Finished

  1. pamela flaherty says:

    the Haruni above is simply stunning in blue and I love the larger size – so olde world European with a very modern edge. This shawl could command a fortune!

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