Fuzzy Mittens Mystery KAL 2014 – Clue 3

I’d come across some really cute toy patterns by Barbara Prime (Fuzzy Mittens  on Ravelry) before, and when I saw that she was hosting a Mystery KAL I decided to go for it.

backyard bandits

(Picture taken by Barbara Prime, and taken from the Ravelry page for the Backyard Bandits)

The first two weeks had us  knit a sweater for the toy, but seeing as I’m not using the recommended needles for the toy, I decided to first knit the toy and then see how big or small to make the sweater.

140302-debbie bliss rialto dk-001

First off I needed yarn, and not having anything in the suggested colours, I took the opportunity when I was at Dona Agulha a couple of weeks ago to pick up  two skeins of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, which is a 100% Merino and super soft, in white and dark brown.

140302-debbie bliss rialto dk-002

Now the recommended needles for the toy we’re knitting was 4mm, but as toys need to be made at a much tighter gauge I went down to 3.25mm and the yarn is behaving itself and working up a nice dense fabric.

140302-debbie bliss rialto dk-003




So the Main Colour (MC) will be the dark brown and the Contrast Colour (CC) will be the white.

140316-MKAL-fuzzy mittens-001

We get our clues on the Friday and this will go on until April 4, so we should have a finished toy by Easter time. We’re all still guessing as to what kind of toy it will be, as there are already quite a number of bunnies in the collection. So a mystery for sure, maybe tomorrow’s clue will shed a bit more light on what this is to become.

140316-MKAL-fuzzy mittens-003


I didn’t do anything on Friday as I working on something else instead, but Sunday morning saw me grab my laptop, opening up the file and working from Clue 3. The results are two legs and two arms. The stitch marker on the arm on the right is so I know that it is the right arm as the right and left arm are mirror images of each other. Now the only thing I changed to the pattern was to knit the whole thing in the round, I did not feel like seaming everything up, I only left the bottom of the feet open to stuff and then sew up. I also did not bind off the top as suggested yet, because I first want to see where this is headed and see the method used to attach the limbs. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring!


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