Portuguese Yarn Club

So three of my friends decided to get together and create a Yarn Club. Each edition of the yarn club will have a limited amount of places available due to the fact that all the yarn needs to be dyed and spun.  So who are these friends you might ask, well, let me tell you.

We have Filomena, the person behind Yarn Adventures. She dyes up beautiful yarn with amazing colors, if you follow my blog, you’ve definitely seen some of it pop up now and again.

Yarn Adventures

Then we have Rosario, she’s the person behind Dona Maria. She makes luxurious handspun yarns, which have also appeared now and then on this blog.

And last but certainly not least there is Paula, and she’s behind Dyed by Alfinete. Paula also dyes yarn, now I’ve not had the pleasure yet of working with any of Paula’s yarn, but I won’t have to wait too much longer to try them out.

Dyed by Alfinete

The first Edition of this brand new Yarn Club was sold out fairly quickly, especially due to the limited spots available (only 20). I was one of the lucky ones to get a spot and I know that their yarn will be traveling the world, apart from a lot of people in Portugal, I know that some of it is going as far away as the UK, the USA and all the way down under to Australia.

I’m sure that this yarn club is going to be a huge success and I wish each and every one of my friends all the very best with their new venture. If you’re interested in receiving more information, please check out their Facebook page Clube Portugues do Fio. Sign-ups for the next installment will be announced on their page, so if you missed your chance this time around, keep checking their page.

And just to give you an idea of the gorgeous yarns available, here are some of the yarns dyed by Filomena and which were handed over last week to the recipients during the monthly knitting get together of the Tricotadeiras do Porto.

140222-encontros tricot-february-010 140222-encontros tricot-february-012 140222-encontros tricot-february-013 140222-encontros tricot-february-014


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