Test Knit – Stockinette Haruni

The first shawl I ever knit, when I got back into knitting was Emily Ross’ Haruni, a freebie on Ravelry. It didn’t turn out to great because I used the wrong yarn. Now years later, Haruni is still a favorite and Emily Ross has decided to come up with new versions of this gorgeous shawl. I was one of the lucky people who got chosen to test knit the Stockinette version. Basically it’s plain stockinette until you reach your desired amount of stitches and then do the lace section.

140215-TK-stockinette haruni-002

As I had two skeins of Rendezvous Sock yarn in the Precious colourway, and I knew that I needed at least 50% of my total amount of yarn for the lace section (recommended by Emily), I decided to increase the size of my shawl by 120sts. It’s nice and big, just the way I like them. The yarn was a dream to work with, and I love the colour even more now then when it was in a skein or caked up.

140215-TK-stockinette haruni-001

Even after enlarging the shawl I have 45g left of yarn, so will have to see what I use it for. Of course the pooches had to get in on the action when I was photographing the shawl.

140215-TK-stockinette haruni-003 140215-TK-stockinette haruni-005 140215-TK-stockinette haruni-007


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