Knitting Meet-Up – 2014 – January

After spending a great morning at Ovelha Negra, in the afternoon I went to the first 2014 Knitting Meet-Up, the usual crowd was there and some new faces as well. Amongst chatting, eating and drinking, some of us knit and other crocheted.

My current WIP, a Test Knit for Emily Ross for a new version of her famous Haruni Shawl.

140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-001

Dora’s Damson140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-002

Filomena hard at work trying to finish of her Aestlight Shawl.140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-003

My Owl tape measure decided to make a small appearance.140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-004


Some yarn Maria José recently got from her daughter-in-law’s family.140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-005

And Maria José brought along some crochet pieces she’d recently uncovered while doing some early spring cleaning.140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-006 140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-010  140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-014140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-015140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-016140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-017140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-018140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-019140125-encontros tricot-janeiro-020

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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