From the Attic – Positive & Negative

Recently I was clearing out some things and a box of my cross stitch items came out of hiding. Since the knitting bug bit me, I’ve hardly done any cross stitching. Finding this box was like opening up presents on Christmas morning.

140115-WIP-needle case-001

I rummaged through the box and found this piece. I think this was supposed to be a needle case for my knitting needles, but I can’t really remember. I decided to take it out and continue with it, I’m still not sure what I’m going to be making with it, but we’ll see when I finish it. I’ve not done too much more on it, but I have made some progress over the last week.

140119-WIP-needle case-001

This will be another one of my “long-term” projects this year.

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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