Ashley’s Katniss Cowl

I got the request to make a cowl similar to the one Katniss wears in the recent installment of The Hunger Games. After searching Ravelry, I found several options and came across this one by Lauren McClain of LollyKnits Designs.


I learned how to knit the herringbone stitch, which is really quite easy and I quite liked the whole effect.

131230-FO-Ashley's Katniss Cowl-001 131230-FO-Ashley's Katniss Cowl-003


I didn’t quite follow the pattern, I used it more as a guideline and the end result turned out quite nice if I say so myself. This cowl is on it’s way to NL as we speak and should be shortly arriving at its new owner, hopefully it’s exactly what she wanted.

I used BMG Affinitas’ Topazio in Grey (colour no. 5) and 12mm needles. If I make this again, I will definitely do the construction differently. It was an interesting and fun knit though. I can definitely recommend this pattern.


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