Christmas Gifts

Thank you all, for the lovely gifts I’ve already received for Christmas this year 🙂

I gave my friends Inés, Mónica & Sónia 6 crocheted coasters each in 3 shades of green.

131220-christmas presents office 2013-001 131220-christmas presents office 2013-004

And for Fernanda, Filomena, Maria José, Xana & Branca crocheted rose pins

131221-encontro tricot dezembro-002

And this is what I received:

131222-christmas presents received-001

From Mónica I got some lovely Melon jelly and vanilla sugar with a cute little gnome as decoration.

131222-christmas presents received-002 131222-christmas presents received-003

From Inês an cross stitch ornament which is 100% handmade.

131222-christmas presents received-006

From Fernanda an ornament from 100% linen and with a nice ribbon, also handmade

131222-christmas presents received-010

From Xana a bookmark, a tea flower and a pin

131222-christmas presents received-012

And Filomena made some lovely fudge, which sadly didn’t make it to the end of the day, I just about managed to take a photo before it disappeared into thin air 🙂

131222-christmas presents received-013

And here all the gifts together

131222-christmas presents received-014

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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