Westknit’s 2013 Mystery KAL – Color Craving

Stephen West of Westknit has come up with another Mystery KAL for 2013, the 3rd year running. I’ll be joining hundreds of other Westknit Fans from all over the world. The KAL is only starting on the 13th of September, but for those who’ve already bought the pattern, we have our info sheet stating the amount of yarn needed. It’s going to be a three-color shawl, and so the search has begun for my three colors. Here are some of the options, all Yarn Adventures Sock yarn.

130824-encontros tricot agosto-014 130824-encontros tricot agosto-015 130824-encontros tricot agosto-016 130824-encontros tricot agosto-017 130824-encontros tricot agosto-018 130824-encontros tricot agosto-019 130824-encontros tricot agosto-020 130824-encontros tricot agosto-021


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