Photographing Sunrise in Porto

To celebrate the International Day of Photography, the Instituto Portugues de Fotografia (IPF) had several activities planned over the weekend of 16-19 August. Fernanda and I, having both taken a course at IPF last year, decided to sign up and join in on the adventure of photographing the sunrise from the river Douro hosted by IPF and sponsored by Canon. The weather didn’t cooperate with us, as we got some heavy fog, but we managed to get some great photos regardless of this.

130818-porto ao amanhacer-099

This is the photo I printed out on A4 with the idea to frame it.

Our itinerary was 4am meet at IPF in downtown Porto, then we had a small introduction and explanation of the plans for the rest of the morning. We started walking from the IPF down to the wharf on the other side of the river at Cais de Gaia where at 5.45am we got on a boat that took us all the way to where the river joins the ocean and then back up the river past several bridges before arriving back at the wharf. We were then served breakfast at 7am before making the trek up the hill back to the IPF where we were allowed to print out photos.

130818-porto ao amanhacer-002 130818-porto ao amanhacer-003 130818-porto ao amanhacer-005 130818-porto ao amanhacer-008 130818-porto ao amanhacer-011 130818-porto ao amanhacer-014 130818-porto ao amanhacer-015 130818-porto ao amanhacer-018 130818-porto ao amanhacer-020 130818-porto ao amanhacer-021 130818-porto ao amanhacer-022 130818-porto ao amanhacer-031 130818-porto ao amanhacer-035 130818-porto ao amanhacer-036 130818-porto ao amanhacer-047 130818-porto ao amanhacer-049 130818-porto ao amanhacer-055 130818-porto ao amanhacer-056 130818-porto ao amanhacer-059 130818-porto ao amanhacer-064 130818-porto ao amanhacer-073 130818-porto ao amanhacer-082 130818-porto ao amanhacer-083 130818-porto ao amanhacer-087 130818-porto ao amanhacer-093 130818-porto ao amanhacer-100


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