FO – Mini Log Cabin in Blue – Update

It’s finished, I just need to sew in a couple more ends that I seemed to have missed, take some “cute” photos and then wrap it up nicely so that it can be handed over to the intended recipient. I just hope the intended recipient and her daughter like it, will have to wait and see.

130710-mini log cabin for lurdes-001


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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2 Responses to FO – Mini Log Cabin in Blue – Update

  1. olá!! Adorámos a mantinha!
    Na verdade até nos conseguiste comover com a oferta e com as tuas palavras.
    Adorámos, adorámos, adorámos !! 😉
    Obrigada pelo carinho 🙂


    Cristina e Lurdes Ruivo

    • rgoriginals says:

      Ola Cristina e Lurdes,
      Fico super contente por teram gostado tanto da mantinha, não sabia se era coisa que iam gostar.
      Gostava de ver fotos do pequeno quando nascer.
      Muitos beijinhos e muitas felicidades

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