WWKIP Day 2013 – At the beach

So here is a how our WWKIP Day went at the beach…….

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-001

Fernanda brought along her finished blanket made from Noro yarn. This is an amazing piece of art don’t you think, GORGEOUS.

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-012

My WIP, a baby blanket, this is one of the squares.

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-015 130615-WWKIP Day 2013-017

Yarn Adventures Sock decided to come out and play at the beach as well, LOVE all those colours, so bright and cheerful..

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-014

Here is the majority of the group knitting and chatting.

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-025

To prove that I was not only taking photos and enjoying sights, I did knit.

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-028 130615-WWKIP Day 2013-031

There were a lot of surfers on the beach as well, it was a lovely sunny day, but there was also plenty of wind, so perfect weather for surfing.

130615-WWKIP Day 2013-033 130615-WWKIP Day 2013-037

We had so much fun and this is definitely something worth repeating.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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