Porto Belo Market

Today (or should I say yesterday as it’s now past midnight, so technically sunday), despite the threat of rain, I went to visit my friend Joana at Ovelha Negra. I needed to get some yarn for a baby blanket I’m making (more on that later in the week). Jubela was teaching her embroidery class and then at around 13.00 we headed over to the Porto Belo market held every Saturday during the summer months at Praça Carlos Alberto here in Porto.

130608-Porto Belo-004

There are lots of different types of people selling all sorts of things from biological fruit and vegetables to handmade items to antiques or vintage items. I visited three of my friends and here are some of the photos I took.

Jubela who does hand embroidery jewelry, different types of pins and necklaces. Gorgeous stuff.

130608-Porto Belo-002 130608-Porto Belo-005 130608-Porto Belo-006

Joana from Costurices who also does lovely jewelry but in crochet instead of embroidery and she even had some cute shoes.

130608-Porto Belo-011 130608-Porto Belo-008 130608-Porto Belo-009 130608-Porto Belo-010 130608-Porto Belo-012

Joana has also been following a Sweater making workshop at Ovelha Negra and this is the result. Here she is proudly showing off this gorgeous sweater (this is the back by the way), there’s only a little more knitting to be done on a sleeve.

130608-Porto Belo-014


And a newly made friend Su who makes soap with all natural products. I’ve yet to try any of these soaps, but I came home with two different “flavours” one I’m keeping for myself, the other I’m gifting to my mum. So I brought home one made with Olive Oil and Laurel which smell lovely, and the other one is a Honey, Almond Milk and Cloves mixture which also smell gorgeous, I can’t wait to try them out.

130608-Porto Belo-015 130608-Porto Belo-016

If you’re visiting Porto, be sure to drop by the Porto Belo Market.


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