5a Cãominhada

This year I joined the 5th Cãominhada hosted by Animarco Associação and Associação Amigos do Rio Ovelha. This time we stayed a bit closer to town but regardless of that we still did a 6km hike. I went alone this time, well not completely alone I had Dakota and Rusty with me. So here are the photos I took on Sunday. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as last year, but I still enjoyed myself.

Meeting new friends…

130602-5th caominhada-001

Mum and three pups (you’ll see quite a number of photos, they’re just too cute)…

130602-5th caominhada-003 130602-5th caominhada-004 130602-5th caominhada-007 130602-5th caominhada-009 130602-5th caominhada-011 130602-5th caominhada-014 130602-5th caominhada-018 130602-5th caominhada-019

For some reason the “mum” hated the other “photographer” and constantly growled at him, however, I was able to take several photos of her and her pups without being growled at. The little black puppy seemed to be overly eager to eat during the stops, wouldn’t even let go of the teet when mum walked away…130602-5th caominhada-020

Rusty was absolutely fixated with this little Yorkie, about a third of Rusty’s size, she walked the whole way off leash without any problems….

130602-5th caominhada-021

Can you spot the guard dog, there were about 3-4 dogs barking at us from this property we passed by, one of the dogs (didn’t get a photo) nearly fell on top of me he was that eager to ward off strangers…

130602-5th caominhada-022130602-5th caominhada-025

I had a great workout (up and down fairly steep hills) and the dogs enjoyed a good walk as well. Next year I must remember a hat to protect my head from sunburn, not that I got sunburned, just a little red.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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