2013 Knitting Meet Up – May

So today I headed over to Ovelha Negra in the morning to sit and chat with Joana after lunch went down to the monthly Knitting Meet Up.

130525-encontro Maio-003

My test knit, I’m using Malabrigo Lace in Tortuga 118 (dark grey), Pearl 36 (light grey) and Sunset 96 (orange) with 4mm needles.

130525-encontro Maio-005

Fernanda‘s project gifted to her by Filomena using Filomena’s new Sock Yarn.

130525-encontro Maio-006

Filomena’s projects, above using Yarn Adventures Classic in Orange and Blue was a Cowl Test Knit and below a little bolero for her daughter using Yarn Adventures Sock in bright pink as chosen by Filomena’s daughter.

130525-encontro Maio-007 130525-encontro Maio-008

Another project by Fernanda, this time in crochet using Noro Seiku.

130525-encontro Maio-009

A great time was had by all, despite it being a small group this month, and we did plenty of knitting and talking. I even shared a pattern for baby bootees that I’ve been knitting since having lived in South Africa years ago and that I know off by heart. It’s my go-to pattern when knitting bootees for babies. Next month is going to be quite the knitting month what with WWKIP Day and the knitting meet up, but more on that to come.


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