2013 Knitting Meet-up – March

Yesterday morning I spent the morning at Ovelha Negra with Joana. I couldn’t resist the lovely Malabrigo Sock and Lace that had recently come into the store, and I came away with Persia, Rayon Vert and Abril in Sock and two shades of blues in Lace (I didn’t memorize the name, nor did I take photos).

130324-malabrigo sock-007

I also bought some Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace for a Test Knit (yes, another one, I’m addicted) that I signed up for. This time it’s for Tincanknits via the Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry. I choose a nice light sea green colour (44025).

130323-encontro march-001

I managed to do several rows while still at the shop before I stopped for lunch and then headed down to the now usual locale of Confeitaria Ateneia for the March Knitting Meet-up. We had another enjoyable afternoon, which lasted until around 19.oo again. Most of the usual crowd showed up and we had a couple of new faces.

130323-encontro march-005

Filomena showed up with her new sock yarn, Yarn Adventures Sock, in these four colours, the top two went home with me, I wasn’t able to resist. I already have a project in mind, if only I had more hours to knit, then I could get a lot more projects finished.

130323-encontro march-008

Fernanda was busy on her Wedgewood by Stephen West using Noro Kureyon Sock and Malabrigo Sock

130323-encontro march-009

Marta was in the middle of making a cardigan in Rowan Felted Tweed, she’s actually using the same dark green that I’m using in my Kex Blanket (which also made a short appearance at the meet-up, I just didn’t take any photos).

130323-encontro march-012

Fernanda had finished her version of Metalouse my Stephen West which she’d been working on during last month’s meet-up. She used Noro Kureyon Sock and Dona Maria, it came out super soft.

130323-encontro march-013

These lovely cuffs were a gift from our friend Batixa from Lisboa for Fernanda, I think almost everyone tried them on, we all admired them in any case.

130323-encontro march-019

Here is Filomena working on an Aestlight shawl using her Yarn Adventures Classic in various shades.

If you happen to be in Porto around the 27th of April, why don’t you come along and join our group, everyone is welcome.



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