Westy’s Besties KAL Project 1 – Kex Scarf

In a previous post I mentioned the three WIPs currently on my needles, well here’s a close up of one of them. I love Stephen West’s designs. I’ve made several of his shawl patterns over the years, my favourite one is Daybreak, which I’ve knit about 4 times now. Over the summer last year he hosted a KAL on Ravelry, the Rockefeller Shawl, which I joined and which is now a favourite shawl to wear. Towards the end of last year Stephen hosted another KAL, which again I joined, but I didn’t get around to knitting any of the pieces (will do so in the future though).

So when I found out about the new KAL, I quickly joined again, this time we get 12 patterns over a period of 5 weeks, and there are shawls, blankets, sweaters and lots of hats in this collection. After seeing some of the initial photos I knew I’d definitely be knitting quite a lot of these items.

130214-WIP-KAL-kex scarf-004

I wasn’t actually going to start knitting any of the patterns until I’d finished about 2/3 of my cardigan, but after seeing the Kex scarf and seeing the “left over” Holst Garn from my Praça shawl I wasn’t able to resist starting it. I decided on the Silver Grey, Flannel Grey, Graphite and Sage Blue.130214-WIP-KAL-kex scarf-002

This is what I managed to do in about 3hrs of knitting before I put it down. It’s a very simple knit, and the colour changes and the slipped stitches make it a bit more interesting. The picture above it the right side of the scarf, showing off the slipped stitches, which pop even more because of the reverse stockinette stitch. 130214-WIP-KAL-kex scarf-001

As this scarf is 100% reversible, this is the “wrong” side, which shows off the colour changes more. It might not look like much now, but wait until it’s finished and properly blocked!!!! IMG_0098

A close up of the slipped stitched in contrast to the reverse stockinette stitch. I’m really loving this scarf and there’s a hat to match, but I’m not sure about that one yet. The matching blanket, is on my list to do, but I’ll need to buy yarn for that first.


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