La Maison Bisoux – Abuelita Yarns and Wetterhoff

Ok, so I promised to talk about the yarns I bought at La Maison Bisoux while in Spain, so here goes.


We’ll start off with Abuelita Yarn Merino Silk (60/40). I got two skeins of this yarn and while in Malaga I knit a hat with less than one skein (pictures still to be taken). LOVE this yarn, super soft and it behaves really nicely being frogged. How do I know, well I frogged the hat about 4 times as it just wasn’t turning out that way I wanted it. IMG_9758

Next we have Wetterhoff yarns from Finland. This is Silvia a Lace yarn, I’ve yet to work with it, as I have to find the right beads to knit this shawl I’ve been wanting to knit. This is Wool and Silk (70/30) IMG_9760

Abuelita Yarns 3 ply, which is equivalent to Malabrigo Sock. I bought 4 skeins of this in different colours. This brown and the cherise below have already been knit into a Daybreak (pictures to come soon). IMG_9762 IMG_9763

This lighter pink (I know the picture down’t do the colour justice, but trust me it’s this gorgeous light pink), and the light grey below will also end up being a shawl, just not sure which one yet, but I have a couple of ideas. IMG_9764


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