Knitting news

Some of my latest knitting projects, there are more, but some are secret!!!

The blanket and bootees I made for my colleague’s baby girl, Maria, who was born a month prematurely but is doing really well.

Socks. The top one is Neely O’Hara by Liz Abinante (aka Feministy) who had a KAL going throughout the month of October. This was the first in the KAL, it’s a freebie and if you finished (at least one sock) before October 16th then you got the next pattern for free. And then on the 31st another freebie was released. I finished this pair (been wearing them regularly since I finished), just haven’t gotten around to knitting the other two yet, but they’re on my list, so they’ll undoubtedly appear on here sometime in the future!!!

This sock is one I’m test knitting, so it’s not yet available. I’ve been having some issues with this one. The cuff of the sock isn’t quite as elastic as I’d like, so I’ve had to rip it out and start again (and yes the sock was finished). But this is an easy enough pattern to memorize and I’m already well on the way to re-finishing the first sock so that I can move onto the second one.

This is Rosario’s yarn that I’ve had in my stash since October 2011 and which I’ve been wanting to use for something. I had recently caked it (wound the skein into a usuable ball the shape of a cake, hence the name) to make a cardigan, but I never got around to it. A friend knit this lovely shawl and I wanted to make it too, so I got the pattern and then sat around thinking about which yarn to use. It just so happened that this yarn was on my table when I looked up and I just grabbed and started knitting. I’m close to done now, this is a photo of the first hour of knitting. I could have probably gone up a needle size, but seeing as I’ve got two skeins I might just add another repeat before casting off, we’ll see how it goes.

This is my latest test knit, it’s going to be a cowl that buttons up, I just need to find the right buttons, but I’ve been building up quite a collection, so I’m sure to find something, otherwise I’ll just go raid my mum’s collection, no big deal.

I’ve got other stuff on the needles, just haven’t gotten around to photographing any of it, but I’ll have some more updates soon.




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