Mary Poppins – Knitting Meet-up in Famalicão

Today is the first Knitting Meet-up in Vila Nova de Famalicão being held at a lovely location called Mary Poppins (address:Rua  S. João de Deus nº2, 4760-162 V. N. Famalicão, Tel. (+351) 915 512 804). It will start around 15.00 in the afternoon, and it will be held every 2nd Saturday of the month from now on.

Seeing as I won’t be able to attend these meet-ups until next year (photography course and all), and as there was a public holiday last week Friday (Republic Day – October 5), Fernanda, Xana and I decided to meet up with Filomena and Angela and “try out” the location.

I loved the decor, definitely Mary Poppins inspired. I should have taken a lot more photos of the decor, but I was there to knit and chat and that’s what I did most of the afternoon. Next time I’ll take some time to take some more detailed photos.

My Test Knit Sock project that I was finishing up, I was more or less finished with the foot length and did the toe increases. I put it aside when I got to the final part of grafting the stitches together because I always forget how to start the kitchener stitch, so I did that part at home.

I wasn’t the only one working on socks though, Xana brought along her sock project as well.

Angela was showing us her finished shawl, which I believe will be frogged and reknit with smaller needles as it was huge and it hadn’t even been blocked yet.

Fernanda was on her 4th attempt at a dress and this time it seemed to be going well. There were some issues with sizing according to the pattern requirements, it just wasn’t really working too well.

There was some swatching going on by Filomena, I believe it was for socks, these if I’m not mistaken. These are also on my list of things to make, just haven’t gotten around to them yet.

Between knitting and chatting we also had a bit of an afternoon snack. We went for a walnut bread toast and it was served with our choice of spread of butter, nutella or what looked like strawberry jam (can’t be sure as I didn’t taste it).

Some people went for tea and it came served in these cute little teapots.

I had come prepared with two projects, because I just didn’t know which one I felt like working on. So after having finished the socks, I picked up the baby blanket I’ve been working on (on and off) and which now is only missing the border.

So anyone in the neighbourhood this afternoon, pop into Mary Poppins and sit down and enjoy a nice afternoon. Even if you don’t knit or crochet, I definitely recommend this place for a spot of tea and some cake.



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