River Beach

The other beach that was fairly close to where we were staying was part ocean beach and part river beach. I mean to say that there was a river flowing into the ocean and there was a stretch of sand along the river that eventually joined the beach on the ocean front. Plenty fish and rocks and other things for me to photograph.

These things are called “Percebes” in Portuguese, literally translated “Understands”. No idea what they are, all I know is that they’re considered some sort of delicacy and people where “picking” them off the rocks to eat at home. Not something I’m willing to try, just don’t look appetizing in the least.

Sun, sand, sea and rocks.

Plenty of these around, mostly covering rocks either entirely or partially and in all sizes.

These I found in the sand, but I didn’t find that many of them in the sand like this, mostly they were covering the rocks like I mentioned before.

See what I mean….

One of the caves, those rocks in the back are parts that have just fallen down over time and let me tell you, they’re huge. They did create some great effects when the waves came in, but seeing as I didn’t want to drench my camera, I didn’t stick around too long.


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