Dessert Beach

One of the days we went to this Dessert Beach, basically there’s a dirt road of I don’t know how many kilometers with the very end of it going downhill. I wouldn’t want to be going down that road when there is oncoming cars or when it’s raining, there was a pretty big drop at one point. This dirt road takes you to a beach that isn’t frequented much by the usual tourists, so it’s quiet and there are no lifeguards either. In other words the perfect place to take your dogs, which is exactly what we did.

This was the first time every that Zara and Jojo (my parents’ dogs) had ever gone into the ocean and I think they liked it, well they had fun anyway. Here are the two siblings, Rusty and Zara, I couldn’t get them to look directly at the camera, they were more interested in going after the other two than sitting still for a silly photo.

Someone, really no idea who or how long ago this was done, had come along and stacked a whole bunch of different pebbles ontop of one another in this more secluded section of the beach. I’m sure it actually gets covered once the tide comes in, so no idea how they stay like this.

Dakota seems to think she can climb everything and I really had to watch her, because before I knew it she’d be up some steep rock. She can climb all she likes, it’s coming down that I’m afraid of, because she gerenally speaking just jumps down and these were some pretty high rocks she was climbing and she could break her paws if she fell wrong, so I only allowed her to climb the shorter/smaller rocks.

Jojo was definitely having the time of her life. Considering the rough start to life she’s had, she’s in a great home now and obviously playing in the sand and the surf was fantastic. I’ve never seen her so energetic as when she was on the beach. She loved it as did all the others.


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