I’m back from Vacation

Well, I’m back from vacation or as my Dutch friends would say “Ik ben terug van weggeweest”. This was a family vacation I went on, including the dogs. Since I took soooooo many photos (not necessarily of my family, more of my surroundings), I won’t post it all in just one post, I’ll divvy it up.

I ended up going to Aljezur, which is already in Algarve, but still pretty close to coastal Alentejo, actually it’s considered to be in SW Alentejo e Costa Vicentina. If you want a “beach” vacation, then this is definitely the place to go, as there isn’t much else to do. I wasn’t really looking for a “beach” vacation, I wanted to do some sight seeing, but as we were in the middle of nowhere, that was a bit hard. Anyplace you wanted to go to had to be by car, which is a bit of drag.

I won’t be going on one of these again, that’s for sure. There were just too many people, and that makes it really hard to please everyone. Let’s just say it’s an experience I don’t wish to repeat and leave it at that, shall we!

So the first picture above is of some grass/fatty plants next to the house which were covered in these cream coloured snails, when I first walked by I didn’t really notice them at all until I saw a white wall covered in tiny dots. When I got closer that’s when I saw that the dots were actually snails and that’s when I noticed the surrounding grass.

The next two pictures are of the local (tiny) market, which I went to early on Monday morning with my dad. We’d gone there to buy some fruit and vegetables, but the prices were way high and they didn’t really have anything we wanted.

This is one of the many mailboxes I saw around the village. After the market, dad and I decided to go for a walk around the village.


And above the mailbox featured in the picture above this one, were these lovely door knockers in the shape of fish. I actually came across several of these type of door knockers in the village, not all of them painted silver though.

This was a sign we came across nearly every day when heading into the village or going to the beach, I just thought it was cute, so took the picture. Ok, more photos another day, don’t want to overload you with pictures.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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