Workshop – Waldorf Dolls (big)

I spent most of Saturday and the morning of Sunday making the BIG version of the Waldorf Dolls with Rita Santarem, who I did the workshop of the small dolls with last week.

I thought that it would be a lot harder to make the bigger doll, but it’s actually quite simple. Rita was kind enough to have everything prepared, so all the “body parts” were already machine sewed, so all I had to do was assemble the doll. The head is a bit different to make though as it needs a metal support so that it doesn’t flop around once the doll is finished. (the photo above shows the “neck”, the metal support I mentioned before)

The front of the head (above) and the back/top (below)

So yesterday I managed to finish the whole head and body, leaving only the facial features and the hair to be done, which is what I did this morning. The hair is the most tedious part of the whole doll, but absolutely worth the effort as this really makes the dolls. This time, unlike the small doll, the facial features (eyes and mouth) were sewn on instead of drawn on. Either method is acceptable, but sewing on the facial features looks better on this big doll.

First I had to make a crochet hat to cover the head, which makes it easier to attach the hair.

Then I had to decide how I wanted to make my hair, I decided on long hair with a side parting, so I laid out all the “strands” of hair on the table and threaded some sewing thread through all the strands at the side parting to make it simpler to attach to the head instead of one at a time.

Just to attach the hair a bit better and to not let it flop around too much a small, just small stitches to secure it to the head.

And here are the two finished dolls together, now I just need to make some clothes for both of them.

Oh, and I want to thank Rita again for the great workshops she’s given, she’s really nice and gives great advice and made these two workshops a great experience.

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  1. Já tinha visto a pequena que tinha adorado, agora a grande acho que ficou magnífica!!!



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