Stephen West’s 2012 Mystery KAL – Rockefeller – Clue 1

Sometime ago in June I signed up for Stephen West’s 2012 Mystery Knit-A-Long – Rockefeller (MKAL). Upon purchasing the pattern we got a sheet with a list of materials and recommendations for yarns.

I ended up going for a yarn I’d never used before, MadelineTosh Lace in the colours Tern (the grey) and Norway Spruce (the green) which aren’t full solids, slightly variegated, but all in the same colours. So far I’m loving this yarn. As for the colours, I decided to play it safe while some of my fellow MKALlers (there’s about 4000 of us signed up) went for variegated yarns, or yarns that have long colour changes.

The MKAL started on Friday July 13, 2012 (yes I know, Friday the 13th) when we received our first clue around 15.00 (my time). Obviously I couldn’t start knitting straight away, I was at work after all but that’s not too say my fingers weren’t itching to get started. Instead I was constantly going over to the group pages on Ravelry to check on the progress of those who were able to start knitting. It’s amazing how fast some people are at knitting. I think before I left work there were already some 400+ posts and some of them with pictures of several wedges knitted already.

I should explain that there are two threads per clue on the group pages. One is called a SPOILER thread as you are allowed, and encouraged even, to post pictures of your progress or finished clue. The other is the NON-SPOILER thread, where its forbidden to post pictures of your clue for those who are not interested in knowing how it will turn out, but who really want to find out for themselves.

Clue 1 is finished and we’re all (well most of us anyway), well on our way to finishing (if not already finished) Clue 2, but I’ll post pictures of that next week. The picture above shows the finished Clue 1 and the stitches I picked up to start with Clue 2. I’ve only just started Clue 2 (I started late), but I think I’ll be able to finish by Friday when the third Clue comes out. Happy Knitting


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