Summer Sunset

A while back when I visited my parents at their farm I took a really nice photo of a sunset, then visiting Joana at Ovelha Negra I came across the perfect colours to make a shawl based on the sunset, but I didn’t buy them straight away thinking I’d have some time. Unfortunately for me, Joana held a Lace Workshop and the colours I wanted to use were sold. However she did still have 3 different colours of the Malabrigo Lace I was thinking of using, just not in the colours I originally planned. Lesson learned, buy the yarn the moment I see it, or it might be gone!!!


So I ended up going with Malabrigo Lace in the colours Sunset (orange), Cactus Flower (light pink) and Fucsia (hot pink). I wasn’t too sure about the Fuscia as I thought it too strong a colour, but now having finished the project I really do like it.

The project I’d decided on making after looking at the photo had been a project I’d been wanting to make quite a while already. I’ve already made some items from the designer and this shawl was definitely on my wish list, so I went ahead and bought the pattern for Color Affection by Veera Välimäki.

I’ve already finished it, but I’ve yet to block it or take a photo of the finished item. I thought that I’d left the edging quite loose, but now I see that that isn’t the case, so I can’t stretch it out as much as I’d like in the length, so instead I’ll be stretching it more in the height. Regardless of this, I love the yarn, it’s super soft, and the shawl is quite huge already, so it’ll definitely be a dream to wear and it will keep me nice and warm this winter.


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