Mystery KAL – Around the World in 80 Days – Update

This Mystery KAL, which I started in April of 2011, has been dormant since November 2011 due to other (knitting) commitments. Seeing I finished the Arch Shawls KAL before the deadline, and I have no other Test Knits going on at the moment, I decided it was a good time to bring this shawl out again and finish it.

I thought I’d left a note on the pattern saying where I’d left off, but I obviously didn’t write it down right. It took me a while to figure out where I had to start, but I eventually found the spot and started knitting again.

Only the border remained to be completed. I’m now about halfway done with the border, but I can only manage 1 complete row during lunch time, there are about 500+ stitches per row now. There was an option for doing either a square shawl or a triangular shawl, I decided on the triangular shawl. I’m not sure how much yarn people have been using, but I picked out two undyed skeins of 100% Merino Lace and used half a packed of Blue Raspberry Koolaid (I think that’s the name) to dye both skeins.

If not for the nupps in most of the shawl, I probably would have been able to finish the shawl with just one skein (673m/50g), as it is, I used the nupps and I ended up having to add the 2nd skein in row 19 of the border. I have another 23 rows to complete, so I should be done in about a week’s time (finally).


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