Baby Surprise Gift Set – Cloudy Skies

Ok, so you’ve seen the finished BSJ – Cloudy Skies in a previous post, and you’ve seen the first attempt at the Baby Surprise Bonnet and Bootees as well, but you’ve not seen the BSBonnet – Cloudy Skies version.

I made this bonnet to match the jacket so that I could give it to my friend last week Friday when she came to the office to visit and show off her darling little girl who is now about 6 weeks old.

A button (matching the ones used on the jacket) was added to each side of the bonnet and a little strap was made with two eyelets. This way the parents decide whether or not the strap is necessary.

I added a little note and gave the present to the radiant mum when she came by.

This little set along with the bootees will definitely be my Go-To set to make for babies in the future, they’re simple to make and don’t need to much attention. One thing I will modify though is add less buttonholes, I think the 5 in the original pattern are too many, 3 is more than enough.

Would like a set for your own little one, or for someone you know, just drop me a line.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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