Stitch Markers

Every knitter at one time or another will have the use for stitch markers. I have some store bought stitch markers, but ever since I received some lovely handmade stitch markers from my friend Angela last year at Knit Nation, I’ve been dabbling in making some myself.

I’d bought these beads years ago while still living in Holland at a little shop in the center of Leiden to make some jewelry. Having never used them, and having come across them while reorganizing some craft boxes, I thought they were perfect for stitch makers. There were supposed to be 10 of each, but one of the pink hearts didn’t have a hole in it, so I only made 9 pink ones and 10 light blue ones (they’re not white, the lighting was off in the picture). I’ll definitely be making more of these stitch markers, they’re super easy to make and I have plenty of beads in my stash to make loads more.

If you’re interested in some of your own, drop me a line.


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  1. Estes ficaram lindos!!!



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