Amarante – Igreja e Convento de São Gonçalo

I decided to take my camera with me to the center of Amarante this weekend, while my parents were at the local farmer’s market, I headed over to the church and the river.

The white building in the back is the Monastery attached to the church and which has recently undergone some renovation work on the outside.

King João III and Lady Catarina ordered this church built. Construction started in 1543 and it includes different architectural styles such as Renaissance, Manerism and Baroque.

The above pictures were taken in the vestibule, this door is always open as an icon of São Gonçalo is in this room.


The altar is magnificent, and obviously this photo doesn’t do it any justice, however, should you ever find yourself in this lovely city you should definitely pay this church a visit to see for yourself.

One thing I love about this church is actually on the outside. When they made the granite pavement outside someone decided to create a “shadow” of the church, as you can vaguely see in the picture above. I have yet to be able to get a great picture of the pavement to show the full effect. This weekend there was an antiquity market on the square outside the church, so the pavement was mostly covered up.


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