“FAILED” Dyeing Experiment

This weekend I tried experimenting dyeing yarn with some flowers. My mum has these lovely flowers in the garden, and I decided to try dyeing with them. It failed big time, or so I thought.

My mum had been collecting the “dead” flowers for a week and so on Saturday I put them in a pot of water and set them to boil, well the stench was horrific, and the water turned completely black, so we decided to throw it out, I wasn’t going to ruin good yarn with that awful looking water.

Turns out I should have given it a try anyway. I had put the flowers in a gauze bag so as not to have any particles floating around in the water, and when I threw that bag out I put it on some granite rock we have lying around the garden while I went to wash out the pot. When I went to get the bag to throw on the compost heap the granite below had turned almost a turqouise green, guess I should have perservered after all.

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1 Response to “FAILED” Dyeing Experiment

  1. Realmente deverias ter experimentado, nem que fosse apenas num bocadinho de linha. Também ando para tentar fazer, mas primeiro tenho de fiar a lã!



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