TGCK Extra – Like Honey Cowl

So here is my finished Like Honey Cowl, the extra cowl we got for completing the Blueberry Scowl and submitted on time.

I thought the cast on number was too small, it would be a very tight cowl, and as I like them a bit larger, but still snug enough, I decided to add another repeat of the honey comb pattern and the cable pattern. I figured that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete the 8 pattern repeats as I’d cast on more stitches, but lo and behold I managed to do a total of 11 pattern repeats and got left with approximately 2m of yarn.

From the very beginning I’d said I was going to use up the whole skein, I didn’t want to have another half skein left over, so I knit until there was enought yarn to cast off.

The pictures don’t really do the colour of the yarn any justice, but the bottom picture is closer to the truer colour. The second picture shows how the honey comb pattern looks on the inside.

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1 Response to TGCK Extra – Like Honey Cowl

  1. mickysantos says:

    Gosto muito, está tão bonito!

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