TEST KNIT – With Monkey Fingerless Mittens/Gloves

Dagmar (aka Fingertips) sent me a message via Ravelry saying that she was setting up another Test Knit for her latest design. Having not been able to test several previous models due to time constraints, I jumped at the chance to help her out. Besides which I wasn’t quite ready to pick up my WIPs just yet, I’m still in the KAL mode.

Having only used one skein of Malabrigo Tiziano Red for the Blueberry Scowl, I decided that this was the perfect yarn to make these gorgeous mittens with.  I managed to sign up and get chosen, Dagmar has a lot of followers and regular test knitters, so I’m honoured she chose me. I’m knitting size LARGE, which is usually way to big, but these mittens are fitting just perfect, a bit on the big side, but with a little blocking that may be fixed. At least it’s a guarantee that nobody will “steal” these from me, as most of my friends have smaller hands than me.

I’ve managed to complete the right mitten, and I’m almost done with the left mitten. It should have been done already, but life’s gotten in the way, and I’ve not had any knitting time the last two days. No matter, I have the whole weekend ahead of me, so plenty of time to knit.


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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