January Knitting Meet-up

This past saturday was the first meet-up of the group and it was fun as usual. Lots of knitting, talking, oohing and aahing over projects going on. We had a lot of new people showing up, so welcome everyone, and of course the usual crowd was present, we did miss some people, but hopefully they’ll show up next time.

Yarn Adventures was present again, and even though I told myself I would have to resist, I caved, I wasn’t able to resist bringing home the black/grey (fireplace) and the yellow right underneath it (solar power).

Micky showed off the lovely shawl she knit for her mother, the Seaside Shawlette by Wendy Gaal. Micky knit hers in Lopo Xavier Phoebus by the looks of it, forgot to ask, stupid me. Isn’t it gorgeous though….

Maria José was working on a linen stitch scarf (lengthwise!!!!!). I believe she was using Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend in pink with Yarn Adventures in the heather/grey colour, It’s coming out lovely.

I tried, but horribly failed to get a photo of Mari‘s knitting, she’s just too fast and doesn’t sit still long enough to get a decent shot. Seriously socks fly off her needles like nobody’s business. I mean I knit fairly fast, but if I was in a race with Mari, I’d be left behind to eat her dust for sure.

Cynthia, was working on a Tweed Fair Isle sweater, which looked gorgeous. Unfortunately she wasn’t paying too close attention to what she was doing, and ended up tinking back every now and again. Obviously that’s a good sign that the conversation was completely enthralling.

And I was working on my Dahlia cardigan, I’m at the part where it’s just plain old stocking stitch except for the 6st moss border, so it’s the best project to work on while sitting and chatting, I actually got a lot done, hopefully I can quickly finish the left side to finally start on the sleeves. I’m still not sure whether to make full length or 3/4 length sleeve, I guess I’ll see when I finally get to that part.


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2 Responses to January Knitting Meet-up

  1. Foi um encontro e peras! As lãs da Filomena são lindas, como sempre! Adorei ver os trabalhos de cada uma, e adorei a tud descrição da Mari. Não podia concordar mais isso, ela é mesmo uma máquina!



  2. Filomena says:

    Foi um encontro fantástico! ;o)

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