Baby Tummy Warmer Vest

As I mentioned before I’ve been doing some test knitting lately, well here is one of the baby sweaters I’ve been making. This sweater was designed by Angela inicially for the Petite Purls site, where you can find the free version of the baby sizes. I mentioned to Angela that I loved the baby sweater and that I absolutely would have to knit it, but at the time I had no babies to knit for (that’s changed, I now I have two babies to knit for).

Anyway, while doing two other test knits for her (I’ll show one of them in another post shortly), Angela asked me if I was interested in trying out the Tummy Warmer Vest for small children, so I said yes, and immediately started on the size for a 5 year old. I used yarn from my stash that I’d previously dyed myself. The yarn I used is a 100% Dutch wool that I got at a flea market years ago and I dyed each skein with different colours. The ones I decided to use for this little sweater were the skeins I’d dyed with Coffee (the dark brown) and Eucalyptus (the yellow/brown).

So here’s how the sweater turned out, I’m really pleased with it. Ok, I must confess it isn’t yet a 100% complete, I need to sew in all the loose ends (as you can see in the photo) and then add the buttons, but that won’t take too much time and I’ll do that next week while I’m on vacation.

This was a super quick knit, the pattern was super easy to follow and the textured bit of the sweater is so squishy that it will definitely keep babies and young children alike very warm.

Of course seeing as I was test knitting this one in the larger sizes, I told Angela that I’d also test the size for the 4 year old and the 6 year old if she couldn’t find anyone else. I didn’t wait for her reply, I just got knitting. I completed the 4 year old size in just 4 evenings, while attending a course in Lisboa last week. The little girl who I made it for, wanted a pink sweater, so I bought some Lopo Xavier Ellis (Portuguese Yarn which is 100% wool, but not too expensive) in Bright Pink and out came this lovely sweater.

I decided to modify the textured part a bit to see how it would turn out and I think it came out quite nicely like this as well. The sweater was well received by both mother and daughter and it totally fit, hopefully she can walk around in it this winter and next, as it’s quite stretchy.

So now I’m working on the 6 year old size for another friend’s daughter, who’s request was also for pink, so I’m using the same yarn as in the picture above (I bought 6 skeins) and also playing around with stripes in the textured part of the sweater, but different from the sweater above.

And finally here the two sweaters together (size 4 and 5 year old)


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7 Responses to Baby Tummy Warmer Vest

  1. Amy Paige says:

    Where can I find the tummy warmer pattern by angela for larger sizes? Amy

  2. Amy Paige says:

    Still hoping to get tummy warmer pattern for larger sizes – 9 mos, 12 mos, 18 mos. I am wanting so much to knit this in a size to fit my growing grandson – now 3 mos, but he outgrew the first one I knit ( the larger of the sizes of the original pattern) and will need a 9 mo or even 12month size now!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I would love to have this in a ladies medium!

  4. Anakrystine Vallin says:

    I need help on the sleeve part of the pattern :
    With RS facing, using smaller circular needle, k16 [17] sts from st holder, pick up 17 [20] sts and then k16 [17] from remaining st holder: 49 [54] sts.

    I don’t know how to do this and it’s all I need to finish!

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