Bits and Bobs

So Saturday morning before going to the knitting get together I took the opportunity to go to downtown Porto (we call it the Baixa here in Portugal), and got to a haberdashery (Retrosaria) that I’d passed by once before, but didn’t have time to go in and check out all the things they had. Obviously I didn’t walk out empty handed.

so I got some purple and dark pink wool felt, pins to sew on some brooches I’m making, sewing yarn to match the wool felt (the green one is for some wool felt I already had at home), 10 wooden heart buttons with 4 different design, and three owl pendants.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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1 Response to Bits and Bobs

  1. Owlmania says:

    Adorei, sobretudo os mochos!

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