October Get Together

WOW, is the only thing to describe the “knitting” get together this month. We had some people coming all the way from Lisboa and Evora (Dona Maria, Batixa & Marta), thank you ladies for coming and making this an extra special get together. There were the usual faces and a whole lot of new faces as well. It was really great, apart from knitting, there was some spinning (I learned how to spin on a drop spindle, yeah!!!), and crocheting, chatting, drinking, eating and just a whole lot of fun. So with now on with the photos.

here you can see the majority of the group, either knitting, spinning etc..

projects being started, magazines to be read, and iPads being used to read patterns….

autumn was definitely in the air, the weather turned colder, and there were some clouds forming, so this little pumpkin knit by Holly was right at home. The pumpkin is lying on top some handspun yarn by Dona Maria, but more on that in another post.

projects were finish, just needing to be sewn toghether. This jacket is going to MJ’s granddaughter, what a lucky girl to have such a talented grandmother to make her such lovely gifts.

And a lovely jacket finished by Fernanda and being modeled by Filomena, I also tried this one on just to see if it fit. This one is on my list to make, but I haven’t started it yet, because I’m waiting on the yarn.

That was my Saturday afternoon, and it was really enjoyable, thank you everyone for showing up and making this a great get together. Now off to do some knitting, I have a lot to finish before Christmas.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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