Workshop – Patchwork Gifts for Women

Yesterday I went to another workshop given by Fernanda. This time it was Gifts for women.

First we made a brooch, this wasn’t technically patchwork, but it came out really nice and they’re super easy to make, I’m working on some now, just using different colours. Felt or fabric that doesn’t fray easy are the best ones to use.

These loose bits turned into this stunning brooch (all handsewn)….

Next we moved onto some handsewing patchwork, just a simple project we could make sitting on the couch and watching TV instead of running to the sewing machine everytime you need to sew something. We made a little scented hanging cushion, which after we’d chosen our fabrics and sewn them together, we filled with some roving and some lavendar, we also got a bag with lemon scented leaves to make another bag at home and fill with that.

The fabrics we had to choose from, and how mine turned out….

Our third project, a reversible bag. I’ll be using mine for my knitting projects, but I’ll be making some more to give as gifts. This was more or less the same method as we used for the bottle bag we made in the Gifts for Men workshop.

The fabrics….

still in progress shot….

Finished item with the scented pillow.

And of course Fernanda is generous enough to give us enough fabric to use our new found skills and make more gifts at home.

I want to thank Fernanda once again for the fantastic workshop and for explaining things clearly enough to make it simple enough to continue with this new hobby.

One of my fellow participants in the workshop is a lady called Ana Maria Batista and she makes items out of recycled materials, well worth a shop checking out her website.


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1 Response to Workshop – Patchwork Gifts for Women

  1. Owlmania says:

    Obrigada pelas palavras carinhosas! Vocês (as 5 participantes) foram as estrelas do workshop! Adorei estar com vocês e adorei os vossos trabalhos!
    E obrigada pelo mocho que anda a fazer sucesso cá por casa! ;o)

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