World Wide Spin in Public Day – How it went

I had a great time at the WWSIP day on Saturday, I met a lot of new and wonderful and talented people and enjoyed the company of my friends, thank you all for making this a special day, you know who you are!! So here a small impression of how the day went.

All the way down in the train we only saw clouds and were fearing the worst for our afternoon outside, this is what we saw when we got to our location, clouds, clouds and more clouds.

Filomena brought some of her lovely fiber, all dyed by her as well as her gorgeous home dyed yarn (you can check out all the colours available at her online shop)

There was almost a mad rush when the bag of yarn opened, I hung back and waited and hoped that nobody would choose the skeins I wanted……

I got the ones I wanted, nobody choose them. The dark blue one is YA Classic colourway Indigo and will be joined with YA Classic Turqouise which Filomena offered me as a birthday present last month to make a cowl Fernanda designed (more on that in another post).

Don’t know yet what I’m going to use the green (yes it’s green, I know it looks kinda yellow in the picture) for, but I’m sure I’ll find something quite suitable.

Luckily the day improved a lot, the skies opened up and cleared almost completely of clouds. We also had a raffle and the main prize was a lovely bag of goodies.

It was an enjoyable day and definitely to be repeated. Some more pictures showing the rest of the day.


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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