What I’ve been knitting lately……

Well I’ve been mainly doing test knitting for other people, which I really enjoy. I get the pattern before anyone else, and get to create an item that I get to keep. So I’ve just completed two test knits and I am working on another one. These three were all via de Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry. Then I have another 3 to do after that for my friends.

Ok, so I finished these simple pair of socks:

Then I got to make this gorgeous pair of mittens (they will be remade in a different colour for a friend of mine, but I might adapt the pattern just a little):

And at the moment I’m working on these socks at the moment (I’ve already completed three whole repeats of the leaf pattern, so I’m a bit further along than the photo):


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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2 Responses to What I’ve been knitting lately……

  1. Istari says:

    Oh meu Deus! Adoro!! Que inveja! Ensinas-me a tricotar meias??

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