Bike Ride through Den Haag, Nederland – Part 2

Having been to Den Haag I couldn’t pass up a stop at the yarn shop WOOOL, so I dropped in just as it was opening and saw a variety of yarns, but the one that caught my eye was this Araucanía Ranco in these blue and purple shades. These were the last two skeins available in this color, so I just had to get them, despite having told myself I wouldn’t buy any more yarn, oh well, I’ll just add these to my stash until I decide what to use them for.

This photo shows that cyclist also have to stop at intersections and they even have their own traffic lights. Just like pedestrians the cyclists have a button to press and then have to wait for the light to turn green for them to cross. In places like Den Haag this is really necessary, not so much in the actual center of town as that is now more or less closed off to cars, but more on the outskirts where there are a lot of cars and also a lot of cyclists. Mind you this doesn’t mean that all cyclists stop at red lights, some of them keep going if there aren’t any cars coming. Seeing as I’d not been on a bike in years and despite not having any problems riding my friends bike, I still rather preferred stopping at the lights and not risking getting run over.

This is the church on De Binnenhof, which is the large courtyard I mentioned in my previous post that is surrounded by De Buitenhof where the parliament resides. It’s a nice church from the outside, having never been inside. There are guided tours where they’ll take you inside the church, but I was enjoying myself too much on the bike and riding along in Den Haag to go do a guided tour, maybe next time.

These deer are found in a park between Centraal Station (central station) and Het Malieveld a big field at the entrance to the highway which holds all sorts of festivals throughout the year or big events. There were quite a lot of deer, but you can’t get close to them as they are fenced in on one side and on the other side (where I was at) they have a canal and a wooden fence separating the deer from the people. There were several males with their antlers, but they were just too far away for me to get a decent picture, so I just got some of the females and the babies.

This picture was technically not taken in Den Haag, but in Voorburg where my friend lives, but as I took it while riding my friend’s bike I decided to add it. I’ve always love this statue just because it really depicts a typical Dutch scene where the mother or father takes their children to school on the bike (ok, so maybe nowadays a lot of parents take their children to school by car, but there still plenty of people riding their bikes). Anyway if you notice the heads on these statues are actually umbrellas, which proves the point that it could be pouring down with rain, you’ll still see people cycling holding on to their umbrellas or not.

Well that was it, only two more days left before I get back on the plane and head back to Portugal, I’ve had a great time and spent plenty of time with my friends which was the whole point of coming here in the first place. I’ve missed having my dogs around though I think it would have been even more fun if they’d been here with me because we’d have gone on really nice long walks exploring the neighbourhood. I’ll see them shortly though and I bought treats for them because I couldn’t be with them on the 4th of October which is Animal Day.


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