Poor Fruit Harvest

The quinces (marmelos) will soon be ripe enough to harvest, most likely we’ll be picking them next week, some of them are still fairly small, but if we don’t pick them now and try to wait for them to grow or get riper, the birds will get them, and then we won’t have anything. I can’t wait to get some more homemade marmelade (with quinces not oranges, it’s really delicious).
Last year we added them to some vodka, which is absolutely delicious, I’ll be adding some more to my jar, and some extra vodka, not that I’ve drunk that much of it, but the quinces suck it all up.
These grapes might look ready to be picked, but let me tell you they’re still extremely sour. They definitely need to spend some more time catching the sun and hanging on the vines, we have so many of them all over the property, that it doesn’t matter if the birds get some of them, we’d never be able to eat/drink them all anyway. We eat lots of them, but we also make some sweet wine out of them, I like the wine during the first week, it tastes just like grape juice, but it’s much thicker and really sweet. I’ll be helping my dad make some more this year and we’ll have to keep Dakota away or she’ll have her head in tub lapping it all up. I tell you I have one alcoholic dog, guess it’s left over from her street days.

The figs this year were a bit of a disappointment. Last year we had non-stop figs from end of May all the way to the end of October, this year we had some sunny days when they really started growing, but then it got colder and it really affected them. They remained green and only last week did we pick them off the tree, the big green ones had long since been eaten by the birds, but we managed to pick approximately 3kilos (didn’t get a chance to weigh them after picking becuase we had more things to go pick, and when we came back, my mum and gran had already been eating loads of them). They might be small, but they’re really sweet and some of them were so ripe already that they were really hard to get off the tree, we needed to use our nails as knives to be able to get them off the branches. We had to leave the ones all the way at the top of the tree because the branches are really flimsy, pull too much on them and they’ll break right off. So we left them for the birds, maybe next week we’ll have some more to pick.

The blackberries have been a major disappointment this year, I only managed to pick about 1kilo last weekend, whereas last year I was picking them throughout the summer. It’s been really hot, but we’ve not had enough moisture/rain, and so the majority of them all really small and practically dried out already, but at least I managed to get some. I made blackberry smoothies on saturday and then on sunday I had to make some for my mum as well as she really liked it a lot, I must admit it was really yummy.


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