Simple Ice Cream Recipe

A friend of mine gave me this really simple recipe to make ice cream. You don’t need an ice cream machine or any other fancy equipment. All you need is a mixer and a large tupperware or another type of sealable freezer dish. If you don’t have a dish that has a lid on it, don’t worry aluminium wrap works just as well as a cover.

2 packets of cream (about 500ml total)
1 can of condensed cream (about 500 ml)

Whip the cream together until it’s the consistency of whipped cream (without the sugar) then add the condensed milk and mix a little longer until it’s the consistency of mousse.

Pour the liquid into your container and freeze it.

Like I said, really simple. Of course this is just a basic “vanilla” type ice cream, if you want you could add some chocolate powder to make it chocolate flavour, or strawberry flavoured either with fresh strawberries or powder (the Nesquick kind, the one you add to your milk). For the one I made, I added Oreo biscuits which I’d crushed into tiny pieces and then mixed into the mixture with a spoon before putting it into my container.

I’m definitely going to be trying it with some fresh blackberries this summer.


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