VW Beetle

This is my favorite car. I have an every day car, but this is definitely the one I enjoy driving the most. Sure it has no power steering, no radio, is really heavy to drive and makes a hell of a lot of noice, but I just love it. This car is from October 1968 and used to belong to my maternal grandfather. When he was no longer allowed to drive he mentioned selling it, but I told him that no way was he allowed to sell it, because I wanted it, hey I grew up watching Herbie movies. My granddad never did sell it, and it sat in a garage gathering dust and rust. When I started working I started saving up for two things, buying a house and totally renovating my little VW Bug. Well we housed the car at one mechanic, but he ended up ripping me off and stealing parts I’d bought (well my dad had bought for me). So then my godfather mentioned to his mechanic (who is a strictly MG guy) that I had this little Bug that needed a lot of TLC, and he said he’d do it for me. At first though he was like “What’s a young girl like you want with this old falling to pieces car”. My response, I love it and it belonged to my granddad (he’d sadly passed away in 2001 and never saw the car the way it is now). Well, after 2 years of working on this car, he finally asked me when I wanted the car back because he needed the space in his garage as he’d just bought a whole load of old MG’s he was going to be fixing up. So he finished it for me and then I got to drive it while I was on vacation in Portugal. Now I’m here permanently and every time there is a sunny day (it doesn’t do to good with wet roads), I take the Bug out for a spin. I get compliments from everyone, young and old. Actually a neighbour of my gran’s who remembers the car the way it used to be (beige/grey color) commented on it to my gran one time I was visiting her, and she’s like, yep it’s my car, and then corrected herself saying that it’s really my car.

Believe it or not, but the car is about 95% in it’s original condition, there’s a back piece over the wheel that had to be replaced because when my granddad bought the car it was already secondhand and the previous owner forgot to mention he’d crashed into something or other and had the dent fixed, but this made the metal weaker and over the years rust completely ruined the rest of it. The engine is 100% genuine except for the springs, they also disintegrated due to rust. I chose the color, because I love blue and I think it’s just perfect. I’m hoping to join the “Circuito da Boavista” Oldtimers next year, now that I’ve finally registered the car as a classic/oldtimer. (www.circuitodaboavista.com – for info)


About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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