Toe-Up Socks

This is the first ever toe-up sock pattern I tried (freebie from internet – – generic toe-up pattern). I knit the first up in an afternoon and the matching pair in two evenings. I made them from some wool I’d bought in a flea market/yard sale years ago in Holland (I believe it was at a old people’s home in Leiden), and it was a whole box full of this yarn in several colours. Each “ball” is approximately 100g and it was enough for me to make 1 pair of socks and still have some left over. I used Pony size 3mm Bamboo needles which were lovely to use. My mum was the lucky recipient of these socks as she had a hysterectomy at the beginning of March and was stuck at the hospital for 4 days. She didn’t use them in the hospital though because she didn’t want to get them dirty, however, she’s been using them ever since she’s been home, and now of course I need to make a lot more. I offered to make some for my gran, but she said she had so many socks still to be used at home that it really wasn’t worth it. My aunt, however, didn’t have any such problems in saying that yes she definitely wants a pair also. However much I loved knitting these though, I really wanted to try knitting a sock that didn’t come out looking deformed like my Kuogi sock, and so I decided to go to a workshop at a LNS (but more on that in another post). Well I’ll be at the farm again this weekend and I’ll be bringing some more of this yarn home with me to start on knitting some more socks.

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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