Jada from Rowan’s Lenpur Linen Collection

After having finished the toe-up socks for my mum last week, I could no longer resist JADA from Rowan’s Lenpur Linen Collection book I’d bought in December at Ribbels last year while I was stopping over in Holland. While I was in Australia I wrote the owner an email requesting the book and the yarn in the green colour as shown in the picture and in Lagoon (balls of yarn shown in photo). When I finally got to the shop on the 4th of December, I didn’t like the green colour (might have something to do with the poor lighting due to the bad weather outside), so instead I bought Laggon which is a gorgeous colour. I’m about halfway through knitting this piece. The Lenpur Linen yarn is lovely to knit with, really soft and easy to handle and glide off the needles (50g = 115m/126yards and is made from 75% Viscose Lenpur 25% Linen), I’m using 4mm circular needles and then the pattern calls for 3.25mm needles also, but as I don’t have those in circular I’ll either be using a 3mm or a 3.5mm circular needle (any ideas/advice on which I should use will be welcome). I’m hoping to have it finished in another week or so, and who knows I might be able to start using it shortly as the weather seems to warming up finally.
There’s plenty more patterns in the book I want to make, but I’m going to probably substitute the yarn for some other Rowan yarn as my LNS doesn’t stock the Lenpur Linen (yet).

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